With the ever changing atmosphere of COVID-19, there are many uncertainties which can impact your business. One of the best things you can do is maintain your online reputation by focusing on bringing in positive reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Reviews not only improve your search rankings, but allow customers to help share their gratitude for your services.

1. Instead of a pivot, think of 2020 as a “restaging.”

Kerri Garbis with Ovation says that in a play or performance, “If a number isn’t working, the director will come in and restage it to maintain the artistry, excitement, and beauty of the number, without compromising the experience of the audience.” Discover which aspects of your company can perform well if you simply adjust.

2. Take time to redefine and identify your new customer base.

Customer needs have changed and your product can meet their needs. Rented.com quickly flexed and changed their marketing from short-term renters booking condos downtown to families looking for larger lake houses as long-term rentals, needing additional space for work, home, school, and relaxation.

3. Reconnect with past clients and customers.

Take time to reach out to past clients who may be ready to expand their offerings. Regent Ducas, president of Power Web Videos, reminds companies to reach out to past clients rather than starting from scratch to create a new customer base.

4. Move forward with events and conferences but be flexible with your strategy,

says SFG Productions. Many conferences have moved to a virtual platform that provides access to more attendees, while also creating an experience for local clients and customers.

5. Create an offer for your customers and continue to deliver your services.

LPS Athletic Centre moved their coaching online and created tracking and training programs to continue working with its members and athletes.
Incorporate these strategies to drive your business and pivot through this season of change. As you develop new ways of interacting with your clients and customers, you will build strong relationships that will create long-term success for your business.


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