Social Media

Social Media For Child Care

Social media is a fantastic way to engage with your audience, but developing an effective social media strategy can be challenging for many child care owners.

How often should I post? What should I post and where should I post it? Is it truly worth all the effort?

We believe the best way to answer these questions is to start with a clear understanding of your goals.

When executed correctly, social media can be a powerful tool for reinforcing your value to existing parents. When parents are subtly reminded that their children are in a safe, fun, nurturing environment, they’re more likely to re-enroll and become brand ambassadors for you.

Social media also allows you to make a meaningful impression on potential parents, giving them a glimpse into your philosophy of care, your mission, and the many other factors that make your school special.

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Our social media services include:

Guidance on In-School Posts

We advise your team on best practices for creating social media posts that showcase positive relationships, learning, and healthy development.

Editorial Calendar Creation

We work together to create an editorial calendar that ensures consistent publishing so your social media accounts never appear stagnant.

Social Media Post Creation

We specialize in writing copy, selecting images, and creating graphics that engage prospective families and entice them to visit your website.

Social Media Publishing

We publish directly to your social media accounts to keep you on schedule.

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

We monitor engagement and include our analysis in the Monthly Marketing Dashboard.