Reputation Management

CRM Support For Child Care

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an essential tool for all child care centers. Unfortunately, simply having a CRM isn’t enough. Far too often, we see owners and child care staff struggling with CRM implementation, integration, and management — struggles which can reduce the return on your marketing investments.

We know tracking marketing efforts is important to every owner. You want the assurance that when someone clicks an ad, fills out a form, or schedules a tour, that action is translated into data you can use to improve future marketing. You want to know exactly where your leads are in your pipeline and how successful you are with converting those leads into enrollments.

We make sure your CRM is properly set up to collect this data. Then we help you analyze that data and map out a plan for optimizing your lead flow to maximize enrollments.

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Our CRM support services include:

CRM Evaluation

Our team evaluates your existing CRM to ensure its capabilities match your needs. If not, we help you choose and migrate to a better-fit system.

Integration With Digital Ads and Lead Generation Platforms

Whether you’re using Google Ads to drive traffic to a landing page or running a paid campaign on Facebook, whenever you generate a new lead, that information needs to be documented with automation. Most CRMs don’t assist with this natively, so we provide this service to our clients to make sure every lead in the pipeline is accounted for.

Integration With Email

We also ensure your CRM is integrated with your email service provider (ESP). Some CRMs include a native email service for email automation which, if disconnected from your primary ESP, can send messages without your unique visual branding or voice. We ensure everything is connected so you maintain brand consistency in your messages and get accurate analytics of your audience’s interactions with email.

Pipeline Optimization

We analyze your CRM’s built-in email workflows and look for opportunities to improve them. Then, we create the email copy, graphics, and images necessary to improve engagement and conversions.

We also give tailored recommendations on CRM use based on your current results and specific needs. This includes encouraging and training your staff to correctly input data into the CRM, improving conversion rates from tours, and finding opportunities to create content that promotes specific classrooms and seasonal programs.