Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising for Child Care

Next to running an amazing school, digital advertising is the most effective method for driving enrollment in your child care center. Our team of experts specializes in creating effective digital advertising campaigns that drive real results to help you meet families in their search, enhance brand awareness, and build up your reputation in the community.

Pay Per Click: Google Advertisement  

Paid Social: Facebook/Instagram Advertisement 


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Our digital advertising services include:

Market Analysis

To create your paid advertising strategy, we perform a thorough analysis of your advertising goals, target market, and competition to ensure your ads are shown to your ideal audience at the right time and location.

Ad Creation

After setting up your advertising accounts on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other appropriate networks, we create custom audiences and keyword lists for your ad campaigns. We manage all ad copywriting and image creation for multiple placements and platforms.

Ad Optimization

Digital advertising is a highly iterative process. Once the initial ad campaign is set, we monitor the campaign performance and continually make adjustments to bids and ad placement, copy, and images.

Landing Page Integration

Getting your target market to click on your ad is an essential step in a successful ad campaign. But getting those clicks to result in enrollment requires compelling landing pages. That’s why our digital advertising services include landing page writing and design that prompt visitors to take the next step to meet your campaign goals.

Detailed Reporting

Each month, we track your campaign’s performance, analyze the results, and compile all reporting in your Marketing Performance Dashboard. This helps us identify new opportunities to further boost conversions and improve your return on ad spend (ROAS).