We’re thrilled to launch Power Hours, a new offering in our menu of services. We meet virtually with a business owner for an hour to provide personalized guidance on specific issues related to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and branding.

Below, we describe what you can expect from a Power Hour and why it’s one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Meeting an Unaddressed Need

When a business owner handles their own marketing, they typically do so without an expert’s guidance. They make decisions based on best guesses, hoping to move their business in the right direction but unsure exactly how.

Access to experts, when available, tends to look one of two ways:

  • 1:1 coaching, which is outrageously expensive.
  • 1:many coaching sessions, which are more affordable but are structured like webinars. Participants learn principles and theory without detailed direction or personal attention.

Power Hours are different. When you schedule a Power Hour, you get quick, 1:1 access to experts without committing to a long-term contract or overspending on less-than-useful advice.

A Power Hour is more than a “brain-picking” session; it’s an invaluable way to workshop a concept, strategy, or tactic with a real professional who understands your industry and your business’s unique needs.

Infographic: Power Hours: Get Your Questions Answered Fast

Coaching Is at Our Core

At Rose Marketing Solutions, we’re lifelong learners who love to help others succeed in the marketing industry, the childcare industry, and beyond.

Power Hours enable us to help owners of small- and medium-sized businesses understand the basics, nuances, and complexities of their marketing efforts. By problem-solving and uncovering missed and new opportunities, our coaching sessions provide value to more business owners, not just our marketing clients.

Covered Topics

Currently, Power Hours cover the following topics:

Google Ads and Facebook Ads

  • Setting up an ad account
  • Troubleshooting specific problems
  • Ad copy 
  • Ad placement
  • Bidding and cost
  • Landing page analysis
  • Measurement/ROI/ROAS


  • Branding consistency
  • Digital design
  • Physical branding and signage
  • Logos
  • Colors
  • Fonts and typography
  • Photography and imagery guidelines
  • Company name
  • Tagline
  • Mission statement
  • Core values
  • Purpose
  • Brand voice

How It Works

First, contact us through our website or give us a call. We’ll complete an initial assessment of your needs and then schedule your Power Hour.

Currently, a Power Hour is a $300 investment. We use the term “investment” because that’s exactly what it is.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars to commit to a contract with an agency you’re unsure about. Instead, invest a fraction of that and get real, personalized results from an agency of experts committed to your success.

Each Power Hour takes place via Zoom. Zoom’s screen sharing and recording features allow us to be specific and thorough with our instructions, advice, and guidance. We’ll walk you through any challenges you’re facing, perform audits when necessary, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to take full advantage of the new opportunities we uncover together.

After the Power Hour, we’ll send the recorded session to you along with any assets and instructions we create together on the call. Our priority is that you leave your Power Hour feeling equipped and empowered to tackle the next steps in your marketing strategy.

If you’re ready to schedule your Power Hour or have more questions about how it can help you improve your marketing efforts, contact us today. We’re excited to hear from you!

Quote Card: Power Hours: Get Your Questions Answered Fast


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