Email marketing is a necessity for several reasons; it draws more traffic to your business while also building personal relationships and keeping clients in the loop. Whether you’re creating an email campaign for the first time, or you simply aren’t finding success with the campaigns you’re currently running, these three tips will put you on the right track towards a successful email campaign.

Know Your Target Audience

Begin compiling a permission-based list of email subscribers through social media using lead magnets. Once you have gained a substantial amount of people to contact, it is imperative to then identify and understand the needs of your audience. Having the ability to empathize with your target audience allows you to create a stronger call-to-action, deepen client relationships, and ensure that those who stay subscribed have a genuine interest in what you are sharing. Now, you’re ready to compose your email.

Create a Clear Subject Line

Your subject line should convey a clear and direct message about the kind of content included in your email. Subject lines that are too vague result in low open rates, while those with over-exaggerated offers or descriptions appear as “clickbait” and leave email subscribers feeling confused, disappointed or disinterested. Be concise in your subject line and include something of value to your target audience, such as a 30-day free trial or additional information on the products and services you offer.

Utilize A/B Testing

Once you’ve composed the main subject of your email, you may want to consider using A/B Testing to experiment with varying formats or even word choice. Factors such as font, the length of the email, the design template and the time the email is sent can impact how receptive subscribers may be. Create two different versions of your email and send them to two groups of 50 people. After comparing results between the two emails, you should be able to conclude which email campaign would be more successful when you finally send it to your full list of subscribers.

Remember to convey a personal, conversational tone when communicating with your clients. A compelling subject line along with concise, informative content will keep your subscribers wanting more and give you successful results when running email campaigns.