Google changes with the speed of the Internet, and those changes aren’t always announced. As a result, many business owners end up stuck believing myths and outdated information about Google Ads.

Information surrounding Google Ads can be misleading, even if it’s not intentionally malicious. Often, the information is outdated or didn’t come from a credible source.

For example, people who claim “Google Ads don’t work” aren’t deliberately telling lies, but they are spreading false information based on unfortunate experiences.

How Complexity Creates Confusion and Apprehension

When business owners new to Google Ads realize they need to run ads to compete in the market, popular myths create friction and make them feel backed into a corner. Anxiety builds as they recall rumors of the expense, but they question how they’ll keep their business going without running ads.

How will they know if the ads work? How long will it take for the ads to work? With so much information available, how can they find relevant, accurate answers?

Let’s disprove the most common Google Ads myths right now, so you can feel confident when taking the next step to grow your business.

Infographic: 3 Google Ads Myths

Myth #1: Google Ads Don’t Work

This myth comes in many forms, such as:

  • Google Ads don’t serve up qualified leads.
  • Running Google Ads just supports Google; there’s no return on ad spend for your business.
  • You won’t be able to compete with businesses with years of experience running paid ads.

None of these are accurate. These suspicions stem from bad information, and they prevent owners from running successful ad campaigns.

When you run ads properly, they are effective and generate excellent revenue.

The keys to setting up a successful campaign are:

  • Designating an appropriate ad spend budget
  • Setting your campaign up properly with the correct:

Myth #2: Google Ads Are Overly Expensive

If you run an ad campaign improperly, it is too expensive. That’s why setting the right ad spend budget and tracking the right metrics are imperative.

You must know your average cost per click, how many clicks it takes to get a lead, and other specific metrics. You must have accurate information. Your metrics won’t mean much if you can’t assign a dollar amount to your conversions.

Google has changed how you track metrics in the last few years, so staying up-to-date with your information is essential.

Myth #3: Anyone Can Do It

Ten years ago, a good how-to article was all it took to get started with Google Ads. Before 2019, you could still learn enough on your own to have some success and see some return on your investment.

Neither is the case today.

Owners often tell me they hired their aunt, uncle, or cousin who’s studying marketing in college to help with their Google Ads — but it still backfired. Strategies like that don’t work, and the results frustrate business owners.

The algorithm is nowhere near as simple as it once was. Consequently, it’s now much more complex than an amateur can understand. I don’t think Google did it intentionally — everything they do is for the sake of the user — but Google doesn’t seem to consider how difficult it is to get campaigns running and generating revenue.

Between algorithm changes, AI, changes to Google My Business (GMB), settings configurations, multiple headlines, images, and more, Google Ads becomes more complicated every day. If it’s not set up perfectly, it just doesn’t work. 

Quote: 3 Google Ads Myths

Making Google Ads Work for You

Google Ads can take your business to the next level, generating more revenue and growth than other strategies. But you have to know what you’re doing when you set them up.

Avoid frustration and wasted time and money by finding an expert partner to help.

Our Rose Marketing Solutions team of experts has training and experience in running Google Ads for childcare centers. It’s a specialized niche we know inside and out.

When you’re ready to see what Google Ads can do for your business, contact us or book a discovery call. We can’t wait to help your business grow.


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