In 1997, Harold and Susan Zick founded GreenUp Lawn Care in Houston, Texas. This small landscaping business primarily provides fertilization and pesticide applications for residential and commercial properties in the greater Houston area.

And they do it well.

Not only do they enjoy an A+ rating with the BBB, they’ve won the Award of Excellence every year since joining in 2010. In 2021, they also won the Super Service Award from

Infographic: Case Study: Family-Owned Business Partners With RMS to Demystify Digital Ads (and Get Big Results)

Branch Out for Brand Success

Harold and Susan focused on direct mail marketing for over 20 years, which was successful. But as time passed, they realized they needed to branch out into digital advertising to grow their brand awareness and generate leads. It doesn’t hurt that digital marketing tends to have a much higher ROI than direct mail.

Harold researched Google Ads and discovered that they are, in a word, complicated. If you’re not well-versed in paid ads, it’s easy to make mistakes and end up in a worse position than before you started.

They needed a Google Ads expert — and that’s where Rose Marketing Solutions came in.

Lay the Groundwork for Google Ads

Susan says before RMS came in, GreenUp’s website was decent, but it wasn’t optimized, especially for Google Ads. Rose Marketing redesigned their website, and now, GreenUp Lawn Care appears on page one of the search engine results!

After that redesign, the phone rang off the hook for several days. It was very busy in the office — and not one person complained.

Rose Marketing also took on GreenUp’s reputation management. Their Google ratings have improved since then, and they currently boast a 4.2 star rating based on 31 reviews.

Reap the Rewards

Harold and Susan couldn’t be more thrilled with the Rose Marketing team and praise them for being extremely communicative.

Previously, they spent more money on marketing and got less than successful results, so the value of Rose Marketing’s deliverables is clear. As a small business, GreenUp doesn’t have the same resources as a large corporation, and every penny counts.

Susan emphasizes the impact and peace of mind they’ve experienced working with Rose Marketing Solutions:

“Having someone like Rose that takes care of the things we need taken care of and that we can trust to do a good job for us is just invaluable.” 

Quote Card: Case Study: Family-Owned Business Partners With RMS to Demystify Digital Ads (and Get Big Results)


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