Google has long been the king of online search. For better or for worse, no other search engine comes close to the traffic Google drives — so much so that “Google” is considered a verb. If you don’t know the answer to a question, Google it!

While other search engines don’t come close in terms of volume, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of what else is out there. We don’t think people will start saying “Bing it” instead of “Google it” in the next five years, but ignoring competitors like Bing leads to missed opportunities for your childcare center.

Let’s look at the numbers. 

Bing vs. Google: Supporting Data

Bing is the second-largest search engine in the world. While data shows Bing makes up only 10%–12% of ad market share, that statistic is misleading.

More importantly, over 38% of PC searches happen on Bing. That’s 6.4 billion monthly PC searches in the U.S. alone.

While 10–12% might not seem worth it when you compare it to Google’s overwhelming market share, 6.4 billion is a lot to leave on the table.

Plus, while Google owns YouTube and other popular platforms, Microsoft owns LinkedIn. Anything you invest in Bing and Microsoft Search Network ads brings LinkedIn exposure, too. Google can’t provide that.

Regarding customers, data shows that 71% of Bing users are 35 years or older. That’s a good thing — you don’t need to target teenagers. You’re pursuing families with young children.

Microsoft Search Network audiences also spend more. Data suggests they spend 23% more money online, which may mean greater conversions for your childcare business. 

Bing Ad Placement: Differences From Google Ads

Google holds more ad market share in virtually every category. However, that means there’s also more competition for Google ad placements.

Everyone wants to run Google Ads. You may be competing with other childcare centers in your area, and for higher ad prices. 

On Bing, you can get premium ad placements on nearly every search, and for a much lower price. Bing recently rolled out Performance Max ads, similar to Google Ads. They require very little extra effort to run. You can still target your audience, among other useful features and tools.

One notable feature is Microsoft Ads’ ability to track internal selections. That’s a tough ask with Google — it can only track internal selections if you use a GTM or write your own code.

Bing Ads lets you go into your conversion actions, pull up your website, and set a button up as a conversion straight through the platform. Google should take note!

Infographic: Why Bing (Microsoft) Ads Are a Good Idea for Your Childcare Center

Other Important Considerations

To reiterate:

  • Bing Ads reach millions of people Google Ads don’t.
  • Bing Ads have less competition, which means less ad spend for you (and a better ROAS).
  • Conversion rates between Google and Bing are similar, and Bing users spend more than Google users, too.
  • Bing offers a higher ROI than Google while diversifying your targeting portfolio.

When you consider those benefits, it’s clear that running Bing (Microsoft) Ads is a superb choice for your childcare center.

Not sure where to start with Bing Ads? Schedule a no-strings-attached Power Hour with our marketing experts. We’re ready to offer our expertise.


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