Are You Ready Google Ads?

Wondering if it’s time to invest in Google Ads for your business? Here are 7 signs you’re ready:

  1. You are in a position to scale up your business and you have the manpower and resources to handle an increase in demand. Some businesses can struggle with increasing demand and will choose to pause advertising when reaching certain thresholds and limits. Google’s algorithm does not respond well to this scenario, so it’s best to be certain you are ready to advertise long-term.
  2. You have decided to invest in the growth of your business and have a healthy advertising budget set aside for this phase of growth. Advertising is an investment in the growth of your business and should not be an on-again/off-again proposition. Advertising is most profitable when you allocate a healthy budget in order to enter and establish yourself in the marketplace. Then over time, scale-up according to revenue growth.
  3. Your website is updated, fresh, and mobile-fast, with a clear call-to-action and uncluttered navigation. Most interactions will occur on mobile devices, regardless of the industry so your website should be fast, engaging, and simple to navigate. This step is often overlooked as an unnecessary expense. If your website looks and feels outdated keep in mind that potential customers will probably want to interact with a site that is modern, fresh, easy to navigate, and engaging. Why invest in advertising if your website doesn’t hold potential customers’ attention?
  4. For eCommerce, you have an approved and functioning product feed in Google Merchant Center. If you sell a product you must have an approved and functioning product feed in order to show your listings on Google Shopping. Without it you will find it very difficult to grow sales on Google.
  5. For brick-and-mortar businesses, you have a claimed and approved Google My Business listing. Your listing on Google is much like your storefront on the street in that when a potential customer is looking for you, you should have a big sign right out front.
  6. You have a source for creatives, images, and videos. In order to advertise your business effectively, Google has specific requirements for images, banners, and video. For a business just starting with advertising, this can be overwhelming and pricey, so we have resources to help if needed.
  7. You are ready to leverage the expertise and skills of a Google Ads professional. Advertising is a complex undertaking with many pitfalls, especially if you are new to the Google Ads Platform. It can be distressing to think about someone else creating ads for your business, but the right professional will make it their passion to become an expert in your products and services.

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