The art of marketing is constantly transforming, especially in the digital world. While the ultimate marketing formula may not exist, there are steps you can take to ensure your efforts produce positive results. The first step? Examine your current marketing endeavors – you may be making one of these common marketing mistakes!

Foster current client relationships

While it’s important to be attentive when it comes to prospective clients, many marketers make the mistake of neglecting their current customers. After all, your current customers already believe in your business and choose to keep coming back. You can fix this common marketing mistake by going the extra mile when communicating with your clients. Take a personal interest in their lives by reaching out on special occasions, wishing their kiddos a happy birthday, or sending them holiday greetings throughout the year. To top it off, ask your clients for their honest feedback to show them you value their opinion and aimto make the experience of doing business together the very best it can be.

Be consistent

It can be difficult to find the right balance when marketing your product or services. Not enough marketing results in customers who aren’t engaged, while a marketing overload can overwhelm customers to the point of choosing to completely unsubscribe. Furthermore, lacking an online presence altogether renders even the best product virtually useless if no one knows about it or uses it. Quality over quantity is key when it comes to digital marketing. Create a monthly content calendar so your audience knows what to expect and looks forward to each post you share.

Know your audience

It’s imperative to know who you are marketing to. Who is your target audience? Start by selecting certain demographics to target – age, gender, and occupation can all impact the way your product or serviced is received. Keep the size of your audience in mind, as well. An extremely narrow group of people leads to minimal outreach, while an advertisement targeted to a broad audience isn’t necessarily relatable to anyone. Do your research, find out who will benefit the most from your service, and go from there.

Again, there may not be an exact formula for producing incredible marketing results every time. But, if you always strive for improvement and continue to analyze your efforts, you are sure to be successful.